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The Military

During the 60’s, when the draft law could induct most young men into military service, the announcement was made that very few (if any) married men would be drafted, war or not. One Army recruiting office fought back by posting a sign: “Better two years than life”.

– – – – –

Enlistment officer to recruit: “And another advantage in making a career of the Army is that you avoid the constant worry of being called-up into the service.”

– – – – –

The instructor in a basic-training course asked a recruit what he would do if he saw a figure crawling toward his post while on assigned guard duty.

“Why, I’d help the Officer to his quarters.” said the recruit.

– – – – –

During the Vietnam War, feelings ran high in the US both for and against the war. In one school district, all fifth graders were assigned to write a letter to “Any Marine, Vietnam”. When the hundreds of letters were delivered, one Marine opened his and found the salutation: “Dear War Victim”.

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