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A Joke From Peking University

Internet is becoming popularized in China. More and more people have opened an email account. However, there are still some problems with this new media. Mis-delivery is a serious one. Last week a Beida graduate student called Li Na tried to send a “have a try” email to his classmate Zhao Wen-Jian, but that message was sent to Mr. Li Peng, one of the top leaders in China, by mistake. As a result, Mr. Li was surprised by the following message: “Hi, Fatty: How are you? This is only a try. By the way, the yellow joke you told last night is just great.”

The next day, Li Na received an email from “” in which he was told: “We have evidence to proof that you have been tapping the highest security hotlines of government. Any attempt to bug the telephone talk of country leaders is illegal.”

Footnote: Li Peng is the Premier who ordered to kill Peking students in Tiananmen Square in 1989 crackdown.

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