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A couple are driving along the freeway somewhere in the desert and the husband, who is driving, is complaining about everything…. the heat, the long drive, the bad drivers, the country, the bad drivers in the country etc etc…… and his wife is getting the absolute shits with his depressing talk. So she says to him: “One more complaint and I’ll cut your penis off with my Swiss Army knife……”.

About half an hour later, sure as nuts he starts complaining again and before he could blink his wife pulls out her knife, slices the guys little Richard off and throws it out the window.

Driving behind the couple’s car is a family of three…. husband, wife and their 8 year old daughter. The penis suddenly lands on their car’s windscreen and the father, in an absolute panic as he doesn’t want his daughter to see, quickly puts the windscreen wipers on to get the dick off the windscreen and out of the view of his daughter. The daughter asks: “Daddy, what was that??”

Her father, still in a panic, replies

“Oh it was only a. ..uh… a butterfly my dear”.

Says the daughter, “Holy Moly! Did you see the size of its cock??!!!!!!”

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