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If someone calls you an animal, just remember the following:

I work like a horse.
I eat like a pig.
I like to play chicken.
They call me a dirty rat.
You can get my goat.
I can be as slippery as a snake.
I get dog tired.
I can be as quiet as a mouse.
They say I’m as quick as a cat.
I used to be as strong as an ox.
I don’t like hen parties.
Please don’t badger me.
People try to buffalo me.
Some people think I’m a gone goose.
I’m as ugly as a toad.
You should see the puss on me.
I’m as gentle as a lamb.
And I’m as happy as a lark.
I drink like a fish.
I’m as proud as a peacock.
And I’m as hairy as a gorilla.
I have an albatross around my neck.
And there’s a frog in my throat.
I just got a charlie horse the other day.
I don’t like the goose step.
I’ve got the memory of an elephant.
But I’m no sitting duck.
I can be a lone wolf.
But I’m having a whale of a time.

O’ what animals we can be!!

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