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A certain university professor has finally perfected the art of cloning and to unveil his most prestigious work he has taken cells from his own body and created a perfect clone of himself.

He calls a press conference. All the top scientist and scientific journalist attend. He describes the extent of his work and at the proper moment he introduces his clone from behind the curtain. The crowd is astonished. He is the mirror image of the professor. He’s even dressed the same. The clone comes forward to the podium and the professor allows him to speak for a few minutes. But, quickly the clone becomes abusive and starts spewing obscenities one right after the other. The professor is terribly embarrassed and tries to intervene. But, a fight breaks out between the two which quickly moves off the stand and into the crowd.

The professor starts to get the upper-hand on his clone and in one last knock out punch he sends the clone flying back against the window which breaks. The clone falls ten stories to his death.

The audience is dumbstruck. The police rush in and promptly arrest the professor.

The charges: Making an obscene clone fall.

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