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Things To Do With A Detachable Penis

1. Take it for a ride on it’s very own set of training wheels.
2. Slip it into a bun and give new meaning to “Hot Dog.”
3. Wave it in front of John Bobbitt and scream “She’s at it again!”
4. Use it to test water depth.
5. Use it to test water temperature.
6. Throw it on the ground and watch as passerby scream in horror and disgust (or gasp in awe).
7. Use it as a temporary replacement for a vibrator, until you get new batteries.
8. Use it as a floatation device.
9. Use it to demonstrate how to put on a condom in sex education classes.
10. Use it as the tee in a golf game.
11. Use it as a stirrer for coffee (or tea) when a spoon isn’t available.
12. Use it as a Christmas ornament (best done if decorated with green and red glitter).
13. Use it to teach your dog to play fetch.
14. Keep it as a reminder of why you chose to be celibate.
15. Use it as a lucky charm.
16. Use it as a substitute for cigarettes to help ease your craving.
17. Use it as a vacuum hose attachment.
18. Use it as a pacifier for your “significant other.”
19. Use it as a chew toy for your dog.
20. Use it as a scratching post for your cat.

Feel free to add other uses (as desired).

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