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The girl who was a wall flower at the dance, but a dandelion in the grass?

The drive in theater manager who decided if business got any better he would start showing movies?

The two Arabs who sat under a palm tree eating their dates?

The recent survey on cigarettes which found that 90% of men that try camels -still prefer women?

The woman who was looking for a young man because she didn’t like to feel old age creeping up on her?

The Sunday school teacher who chased her boy friend all over the church and finally caught him by the organ?

The pregnant nurse whose theme song was “Witch Doctor”?

The shotgun marriage? it was a case of wife or death

The Native American who drank 62 cups of tea and the next morning they found him dead in his tea pee?

The newly weds who sneaked out of the wedding reception early to go up a;nd get their things together?

The girl that wanted to make an impression on her new boyfriend, so she put on her low cut dress to show him a thing or two?

The new girl at the airplane factory who thought a tail assembly was a company picnic?

The boy who saw his girlfriend in a loose dress and said “Honey is you in fashion or is we in trouble?

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