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Some ground rules to help people determine if the sex counted. This list of rules can also be very helpful to determine if you have cheated on your spouse or significant other.

Oral Sex does not count.

If you can’t remember the person’s name the following day, doesn’t count.

If you failed to call the person back to have more sex, doesn’t count.

If neither of you achieved orgasm, doesn’t count.

Sex with a friend, doesn’t count, it’s just another thing you share.

If the act was so lame, you leave thinking “did I shave my legs for this”, doesn’t count.

An old flame, doesn’t count.

An ex-spouse, doesn’t count, refer to this as a “pity f@#$k”.

Masturbating in front of someone while they do the same, sorry, not sex.

Cyber-sex – NO WAY – this is glorified masturbation.

2 heterosexual women having fun, not sex.

Kissing body parts is not cheating.

An act to make a married person feel good about themselves, not sex, BUT only if you do not know their significant other.

An act committed while you were intoxicated, doesn’t count.

An act committed with a family member of your significant other, doesn’t count, this should be referred to as “a skeleton in the family closet”.

Acts committed in a public place, doesn’t count. (why should it, it was public right?)

Phone sex, doesn’t count, refer back to “glorified masturbation”.

In car, doesn’t count, way to cramped, if vehicle is in motion and has a console or stick shift, this counts, way to kinky and erotic not to count, unless the act was totally oral, then refer back to rule #1.

An act committed in which the female of the encounter did not achieve total satisfaction (orgasm), doesn’t count.

An act committed in which total bodily fluids have not been exchanged (pull ‘n pray method of birth control) doesn’t count.

An act in which no kissing takes place, doesn’t count. (not considered to be intimate)

An act in which “you do all the work”, doesn’t count.

An act committed with your next door neighbor, doesn’t count, this should be referred to as “being neighborly”.

An act committed with an acquaintance because you are angry with your significant other doesn’t count.

An act which only happens on a random basis, doesn’t count, this should be considered “getting acquainted”.

An act with a US President , doesn’t count, unless the Senate votes impeachment.

An act with your boss, doesn’t count, just considered career enhancement; and/or additional employee benefits.

SEX does count if a pregnancy, or a social disease results!

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