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He wears the pants in the house, under his apron.

He has two chances of winning an argument with her, slim and none.

She leads a double life, hers and his.

He comes right out and says what she tells him to think.

She does not have to raise the roof; all she has to do is raise an eyebrow.

He always has the last word, he says, “I apologize.”

He was a man about town, she has turned him into a mouse around the house.

The last big decision she let him make was whether to wash or to dry.

He put a ring on her finger and she put one through his nose.

He was a dude before marriage, now he is subdued.

He married her for her looks, but not the kind he’s getting now.

She lost her thumb in an accident and sued for $100,000, because it was the thumb she had him under.

She even complains about the noise he makes, when he is fixing his own breakfast.

He goes to a woman dentist – it’s a relief to be told to open his mouth instead of to shut it.

Every once in awhile she comes to him on her bended knees. She dares him to come out from under the bed.

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