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A redneck named Bubba was tired of hearing redneck jokes that so often used the name, Bubba. He went to court to change it and appeared before a judge who asked, “Sir, why do you want to legally change your name, are you in trouble, hiding from the law, what?”

“No sir, Your honor, I’m just tired of listening to jokes about rednecks that often use that name. It’s Bubba this, Bubba that, so I want my name changed.

The judge asked,” and what name do you want it changed to?”

He said, “Candy.”

The judge replied, “Candy? Spell it for me.”

He said, Candy, “C-A-N-D-Y, your honor.”

The judge put the name on the papers before him and said, legally, your name is now, Candy.”

He rushed over to tell his girlfriend. He knocked on her door and heard, “Who’s there?”

He said, “It’s me!

She said, “come on in Bubba, the doors unlocked.”

He said, “It’s not Bubba.”

She said, “Yes it is, I recognize your voice.”

He said, “It ain’t Bubba no more cause I done legally changed it.”

She asked, “what it is?”

He said, “Guess.”

She said, “Leroy?”

He answered, “No.”

She said, “Johnny?”

He answered, “No.”

She said, “Hell, I give up, come on in.”

He said, “Wait, I’ll gives ya a hint. Ya holds it in ya hand and ya puts it in ya mouth.

“Oh!… Come on in, Peter.”

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