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Not Funny!

A scientist wished to survey the amount of dung an Elephant would void in a year. So he collected and weighed the droppings from one Elephant, and multiplied the result by 365 to gain the answer.

A colleague pointed out that this was not an entirely accurate method, so the scientist decided to cork up an Elephant’s arse for a whole year and then weigh the results when released. Not being entirely stupid, he decided he wasn’t going to be the one to remove the cork, so he spent the year training a Monkey to remove corks from a mock up of an Elephants arse. every time the Monkey got it right it received a treat.

The great day came, and the Elephant was tethered to a post in the middle of a field. The scientist and his assistant retreated ten yards and the Monkey was released. Across the field it scampered, swarmed up the Elephants back leg, and removed the cork.

With a noise like thunder the pent up crap burst forth in a wave, and covered the scientist and his assistant from head to foot. When everything had subsided, the scientist turned to see his assistant laughing uncontrollably, tears streaming down his face. He said, “I don’t see anything funny in being buried in elephant shit!”

The assistant replied, “No, but you didn’t see the Monkey trying to put the cork back!”

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