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Old Bubba was fishing along the Bayou for catfish one day when he spots a water moccasin slithering across the water with a frog in its mouth.

Being a longtime fisherman, he knows the best bait for large catfish are frogs. In a flash, Bubba grabs the snake from behind and carefully removes the frog from its mouth and puts the frog in his side bag.

Fearing the angry snake would bite him; Bubba grabs his bottle of daddy’s moonshine from his pocket and carefully pours 2 drops into the snake’s mouth. The snake’s eyes glaze over and quickly goes limp. Bubba carefully places the snake back in the water.

A few hours later, Bubba is just about to head back home, when he feels something tapping on his leg. He looks down and is amazed to see the same water moccasin with 2 frogs in its mouth.

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