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The Nintendo Penis: Now you’re playing with power.
The Robitussin Penis: Used by nine out of ten moms.
The Robutussin Penis II: Recommended by Dr. Mom…
The Crest Penis: Recommended by 3 out of 4 dentists.
The Toyota Penis: I love what you do for me.
The THX penis: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
The Citibank Visa Penis: It’s everywhere you want to be.
The Timex Penis: It takes a lickin’ and keeps on…….
The Burger King Penis: Have it your way.
The Dairy Queen Penis: Hot eats, cool treats. (We treat you right.)
The Army Penis: Be all that you can be.
The Uncle Sam Penis: We want you.
The Milk Penis: It does a body good. (Got penis?)
The Flintstone’s Vitamins Penis: 10 million strong and growing.
The Wendy’s Penis: Where’s the beef? (Not going to get many customers with this one!)
The Wizard of Oz Penis: “Oh my!”
The Captain Planet penis: Go PENIS!!
The Folger’s Crystals Penis: It’s freeze dried to seal in the freshness. AND–the best part of waking up is a penis in your cup.
The Lays Penis: Betcha can’t eat just one.
The Mr. Clean Penis: Is it wet or is it dry?
The Diet Coke Penis: Just for the taste of it…
The Doublemint Penis: Chewing really satisfies.
The Juicyfruit Penis: The taste is gonna move ya.
The Big Red Penis: It’s longer with big red.
The Matthew Sweet Penis: 100% fun.

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