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A farmer is sitting on his front porch enjoying the beautiful spring day. Rocking back and forth on his rocker, he notices a rabbit hopping across his yard, hopping and nibbling, hopping and nibbling the way rabbits do in the wild. He notices the birds flying from tree to tree singing as they go.

The little rabbit hopping and nibbling. A butterfly flys past his head as he takes a drink of his lemonade.

The rabbit reaches the road and begins to cross because there isn’t anything to nibble on. Just as the rabbit reaches the half way point, a truck comes by and flattens the rabbit.

The farmer is distraught by this and gets up to go inside. Just then the truck backs up and the driver gets out. The farmer sits back down and watches. The driver of the truck takes a bottle out of his jacket and pours it on the flattened rabbit. He gets back in his truck and drives away throwing the bottle out to the side of the road.

All of a sudden the rabbits ear pops up and then his other ear pops up. Then without any other hesitation his whole body pops up and is full of life. The rabbit begins hopping the rest of the way across the road. Hopping and turning and waving, hopping and turning and waving, perplexing the farmer.

The farmer gets up and crosses the yard to the road to where the driver threw the bottle, all the while the rabbit is hopping and turning and waving. He finds the bottle and reads, ” Hair restorer, permanent wave guaranteed”.

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