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The Trailer Sure Seems Lonely Now That You and Our Nine Kids Are Gone

You Can Take the Boy Outta the Country, but You Can’t Take the Bullets Outta That Liberal City-Boy Who Just Cut Me Off in His Saab

Smells Like Team Roping

I Dropped the Bookcase On My Darlin’ and Pleaded Shelf Defense

(Her Bar Tab Is a) Leading Economic Indicator

I Thought I Had Tourette’s, But I Just Like Talkin’ Dirty To You

You’re My Kleenex of Love, and I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Blow It

Bacon and Eczema For Two

Achy, Breaky, Hanky, Panky, Am I Drunk or Are You Skanky?

The Ballad of Pretty Mouth Dan

My Urine is A-Burnin’, and You’d Better Believe I’m Pissed

Tear Stains on My Pillow Are the Only Wet Spots in My Bed

I Can’t Stop Thinkin’ About Cowboys (And I’m a Cowboy, Too)

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