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( Sung to Frosty the Snowman Lyrics )

Tiger the Golf Pro was a Horny, Jolly Soul, with two blackened eyes and a broken nose and a car that doesn’t go ….

There must have been some magic in that golf club Elin found . For when she struck him on the head he began to dance around …

Thumpetty thump thump , thumpetty thump thump , Look at Elin go , thumpetty thump thump, over his face and nose …

Tiger the Golf Pro knew his Chick was hot that day , she said let’s have some fun and I’ll grab your buns in a motel far away …..

Down to the village with a hard dick in his pants, yelling ” where’s my bitch , I really need that Ho , can you help me find her Bro ?

That must have been a racist cop old Tiger Woods had found , he only paused a moment when he heard that white cop holler Stop !

Tiger the Golf Pro had to hurry on his way, to see another bitch that day , when he thought it safe and his wife was far away .

Thumpetty thump thump thump, Thumpetty thump thump, Oh God , Elin’s got a pole ! , Thumpetty thump thump , Thumpety thump thump , she hit me from head to toe …….

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