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There was this young couple who have dated since high school, but they have never had sex because the boy’s mother always told him that what a woman has between her legs has teeth. For obvious reasons, the boy has always been afraid to venture down there.

They finally marry, and on their wedding night, the young groom walks out of the bathroom to find his new bride dressed in a very sexy negligee and lying invitingly on the bed. She says to him, “Oh honey, here’s the moment we’ve been waiting for…. It’s time to consummate our marriage.”

He is apparently flustered, and says, “Oh, no….I’m not going down there!”

The confused bride asks, “But honey, why not?”

He turned to her and said, “Well, my mother always told me that what a woman has between her legs has teeth.”

The bride laughed and said, “That’s nonsense; here, let me show you.”

So, she whips off her negligee, spreads her legs open, and pulls her nether lips apart, saying, “See honey?… No teeth!”

The groom quickly replies, “My God! With gum disease like that, it’s no *wonder* you have no teeth!!”

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