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A priest comes out of the church to find a young boy sitting on the steps. The boy is killing ants by smashing them with his thumb, saying, “F#@king ants,” with each smash. The priest watches for a moment, horrified, before running over to the boy. “What are you doing!?!?!” the priest shouts at the boy. “I’m killing these f@#king ants,” responds the boy.

Visibly upset, the priest sits next to the boy. “My son, don’t you know that it is wrong to harm any of God’s creatures? God created every living being and it is a sin to kill any of them, including ants.”

The boy thinks about this a minute and says to the priest, “But these ants don’t do anything. They just bother people.”

The priest responds, “Everything in life has a purpose my son, including these ants. I want you to go home and think about that. In fact, I challenge you to come back here in one week and see if you can think of three things in life that do not have a purpose.”

One week passes and the priest emerges from the church to find the same little boy sitting on the steps, smashing ants with his thumb, reciting the same “F#@king ants” phrase. The priest screams at the boy to stop. Rushing over to him, the priest says to the boy, “My son, I thought I told you that everything has a purpose and it is a sin to interfere with that purpose!

Why are you killing these ants? Did you do as I instructed? Were you really able to think of three things in life that do not have a purpose?”

The boy looks up at the priest and says, “Yeah, I thought of three things that don’t have a purpose. Tits on a nun, Balls on a priest and these f#@king ants !”

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